What we do

Media Content Protection protects your films and your series from the threat of piracy.

We use end point technology to protect your productions in any of the major distribution channels that pirates use to distribute your film illegal, or claim they have your film.


Search Engines

We locate pirate links on the most popular search engines sites and request their deletion. Our crawler analyzes search results and classifies them for later validation by a team of piracy experts.

As Google Partners, and with the help of our technology, we have more than 250 times the protection power of most of our competitors.


We scan major app stores and marketplaces as well as content redirection from different app sources so we can locate all the outgoing links that redirect to the pirated version of your film and series.

Once detected and analyzed, we delete all the content that our protection service has classified as illegal.


Our technology is able to detect torrent URLs all across the web.

We delete torrent seeds and request the deletion of P2P files that promote the download or streaming of your film or series.

Streaming and Downloading

MCP deletes the URLs that redirect to pirate videos, takes down the redirection of the cyberlocker and deletes from the file hosting service.

We are capable of directly removing it from their storage. This way, we can delete pirate copies first hand and offer your film or series the best content protection service you will find.

Social Media

Our work in social media is what sets us even further apart from all other content protection providers.

Pirates use them to advertise that they have your film or episode, since they cannot resort to traditional advertising media. Deleting a Facebook post that redirects 60,000 users to your film will be more effective than just deleting the video.

Even if these posts and links don’t redirect to an actual pirate copy of your film or series, 40% of your marketing investment is drowned by all the noise these pirates make. Every time someone looks for your title and finds something claiming to have it online for free, you are missing out on having them impacted by legal content.

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