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We focus our efforts and resources on protecting films and series from the ever changing threat of piracy.

Have you ever heard someone speak about scandalous films? The Graduate, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner…

Have you ever heard someone speak about how racy and new and different old movies were? Remember The Last Tango In Paris? Remember Philadelphia?
These were films that sold out at the box office. Films that were discussed at water coolers. Films that people lined up to see.

This is what MCP wants to fight for.

By protecting films from piracy, movies will once again become a living and breathing influence in our day to day lives. MCP wants to fight so phrases like “Luke, I’m your father” can exist today and reach all the way down to this generations’ grandchildren.

Piracy is one of the biggest threats that the Industry faces today. So big that it has become a point of consideration when deciding how and when and if to produce a new film.

Our goal is to put an end to that, to strengthen the movie Industry, and to help the Industry produce and distribute any film that they want.

MCP is a brand from 3ANTS Development & Strategies that specializes on content protection and antipiracy for audiovisual content. Using 3ANTS’ top notch technology, MCP has been able to adjust it to fit the needs and requirements that the film industry has.

MCP will focus all of its effort and manpower in protecting films and series from the ever growing and changing threat of piracy.

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